Thursday, December 7, 2023

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For the Suppliers, Contractors and Auction Bider


Less Effort

alltender.com comes to you with Tender information; you need not to go to the notice boards & newspapers. It saves your efforts for knowing the information because you need not to search the newspapers and visit the notice boards physically, everyday. Now the information could be achieved at your finger tips via alltender.com with speed of light access to new business opportunities.


Easy Finding

In a traditional way, hundreds of organization floated their Tender Notice through one or two newspapers and served the notice at their notice board. So you have to search hundreds of notice board and hundreds of newspapers to find the information to match with you. Practically it is next to impossible. alltender.com makes it possible to cover all the notices as they are integrated at a single source and regenerat as per your requirement.


No Missing

And thus alltender.com eliminates the chance of missing any tender information from your eyes.


Cost effective

If you cover only one newspaper and visit only one organization daily, the cost will be higher than subscribing the alltender.com. So, it significantly reduces the cost than the requirement for human intervention.


Additional Informations

Additionally you will get regularly updated Business News, Share Price Index of Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange and Currency Rates.


Exclusive Notices

Some of the Notices published by alltender.com are exclusive and therefore not available through any other source. Subscribers are able to speed up the tendering process with immediate access to detailed information.


For the Purchaser


Modern Technology

Specific Information goes directly to the exact suppliers with end-to-end electronic functionality enabling faster responses. Even the suppliers from abroad can view the tenders timely. So, the objectives of the notice get more success.


A single source of large numbers of suppliers

alltender.com has a targeted supplier base keen to pursue business opportunities. This means pre-qualified suppliers see the notices ready and able to meet the Purchaser's requirements.


Suitable Display

Reach a local or global audience of suppliers and keep information open for the whole time from publication up to Tender closing.



Since the information is open to all the possible suppliers or contractors, the information process becomes more transparent.

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