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Alltender.comis a service, produced and maintained by Advanced Information Systems. It aimed as a net-application within the e-government flagship. Alltender.com provides an efficient Information Management System for Tender and Auction information and consolidates information from the whole Government, Semi-Government, Sector Corporations, UN Missions in Bangladesh, NGOs and Large Private Groups.

Our works began for development of a Tender Information System in May 2000 after considerable research of contemporary practices and mechanisms of the Bangladeshi tendering process as well as discussions with various concerns. After then, the service has been improved day by day with the requirement of time.

Alltender.com is a broadcast system that serves the latest tenders and auctions opportunity through a wide range of media including Internet, E-Mail, SMS and even Courier service.

We initially gather all the tender information of Bangladesh from government, semi-government, Sector Corporation, and private sectors from different sources such as directly from the organization under agreement, through our appointed sources and from all major daily newspapers published through out Bangladesh and then publish all the information in the web. The business communities concerned in the tender bidding get benefit from this portal by collecting all the tender notices published in a particular day. It benefits them many ways such as it reduces the effort of collecting tender information, reduces the cost regarding that, reduces the risk of missing of information, enhance the task because all information are in a single location but could be sorted methodically as per their requirement using the search option.

In the other way, different tender caller organizations publish their tender notices in this specific site; can park their web address so that the visitor can directly visit their site. This benefits them by maximizing their scope to reach to the viewers.


Work Procedure

The total work performed under numbers of applications. By these applications, first our operators input all the information daily in the database. Then uploaded the data to database server of the site. Then the various web applications place the data in specific tables in the server. Then the tenders are visible in the site by various ways such as in a total list, by category wise list, by the Ministry/Department wise list, by date wise list, by area wise list etc. A preferential list of tender notices with link is also delivered to the registered subscribers everyday by e- mail.

To perform all the technical work, a group of data entry operators, programmers, and web masters works everyday under the supervision of System Administrator.

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