Thursday, December 7, 2023

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How to Subscribe


1. Pay the subscription Fee

You have to pay a Subscription Fee to be a subscriber of alltender.com.

After receiving the subscription Fee, we will provide you the ID and Pin Numbers by email, by which you could be able to register on line from the site. Click here for the tariff


2. Online Registration Process

After getting the ID and Pin numbers from the Subscription Card, click on "New Registration" from the alltender.com homepage or follow the instructions in the subscription card. Each & every subscribers shall have to fill up an online Subscription Form providing true, accurate, current and complete information about the individuals and organizations. alltender.com do maintain and promptly update the subscriber's information in the client database for reference and smooth operation. After filled up of subscription application form, you are required to carefully read through the terms of usage page and comply by clicking "Agree & Continue" button, after a few seconds a form comprising preferential list will be displayed.


3. Select Your Preference

Select your preference of interest as per your lines of business and click the "Submit Button".

After submitting the registration form and preferential form, you will be allowed to view all the notices as well as receive the e-mail notification.

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