Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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For a Bangladeshi people or company, Subscription Fees are

Tk. 17,000.00 for Four years Subscription
Tk. 14,000.00 for Three years Subscription
Tk. 10,000.00 for Two years Subscription
Tk. 6,000.00 for one year Subscription
Tk. 3500.00 for six months Subscription
Tk. 2000.00 for Three months Subscription
Tk. 800.00 for one month Subscription


For an overseas company or people, the Subscription Fee is

USD. 100.00 for one year registration.

From Bangladesh, you can purchase a subscription card directly from the corporate office of the company and also from our Marketing Representatives. Before subscribe, you can go for a 7 days Free Subscription for evaluation. For details, please call us on 01551333666, 01615042151 or send us a mail to info@alltender.com

From overseas, please send us a mail for initiating the payment process.


Mode of Payment:

Bank Account Information:
Advanced Information Systems.
Account No: 107-110-21260

Dutch Bangla Bank, Kawran Bazar Branch, Dhaka

Rocket Merchant Account Number: 2325

Bkash Merchant Account Number: 01973234235

Bkash Personal Account No: 01615 042 151 / 01551 333 666
*While payment, please inform us with the image of payment slip/payment ID No. or Bkash TRX ID.

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